Minnesota Saint Bernard Puppies


Our goal is to produce healthy and beautiful St. Bernard puppies with stellar temperaments that can excel in the field. Whether it be confirmation, obedience, therapy work, agility, weight pulling or lovable family companion. We breed strictly for the improvement of the breed through type, structure, correct confirmation and temperament. The breed standard is always our number one guideline. We recommend all potential puppy owners visit the link to the Saint Bernard Club of America's website to see what a well bred Saint Bernard should look like. All show/breeding dogs will be co-owned by myself to ensure that all health clearances are obtained and passed before the dog is allowed to breed. This is to make sure the quality and health of the dogs comes first.

We only breed one litter every year or so, and we are very cautious about who we will sell a puppy to. You will be expected to provide a safe environment for your dog, with room to exercise, and to raise your puppy as part of the family. We have a purchase contract that provides a clear understanding between you as the buyer and us as the breeder. If you would like to receive a copy of our contract please email us.


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