Minnesota Saint Bernard Puppies

One of my lifelong dreams was to own a Saint Bernard. I loved the very loving personality and how they loved to be so close to their human. It all began when we brought our first companion saint home in early 2007 who we named Bliss. Bliss had become my best friend - always happy, willing to please and very loving. We arrived at a kennel name of "Blissful Saints" due to her wonderful personality and have always had a love and passion for large animals. When I was growing up my family was very active in 4-H and showing. I have shown Belgian hitch horses all of my life until late 2009 when I decided that I wanted to purchase a quality show Saint as our foundation bitch. We have chosen only the best of the best to start our kennel. We have been very fortunate to find very good friends and mentors with successful breeding programs that have taught us so much over the years. Lacey and Roy Wilson of Kings Mill Kennel were one of those people and we acquired our foundation bitch, Kings Mill Yoko from them. I am thankful for the dogs and the people that have come into my life as this is truly my passion! First and foremost my Saints are beloved members of our family. When not working at the local care center, I spend every waking moment with my dogs. Each and every one of my Saints have a very special place in my heart. They are my best friends that are loved beyond belief. Whether they are being placed as show dogs or as a family companion, I breed to produce a healthy and structurally correct puppy. I am interested in producing a dog that is fun to be around, friendly, loving and easily trainable and a great member of the family. Our mission is to never lose sight of the standard and keep form and function as a whole. To truly enjoy the life and love of our Saints, I encourage everyone to find an activity they can enjoy together with their dog. I feel the most important role for your dog is becoming a special member of your family.

The purpose of this website is to showcase our dogs and their accomplishments. These are not only show dogs but much loved and valued members of our family. We do not support puppy mills, only responsible dog enthusiasts with the same set of standards as ourselves. We love to talk dogs and welcome visitors who share our love for the Saint Bernard breed so feel free to contact me at blissfulsaints@gmail.com.

We are proud members of the Saint Bernard Club of America and the Greater Twin Cities Saint Bernard Club.



We are so pleased to announce BISS CHAMPION Blissful's Armani

takes Best of Breed at the Saint Bernard Club of America, October 3, 2015!

AND Ch. Blissful's Chayla wins an Award of Merit at her first show as a special!!

We are honored, Judge Horst Vogel, by your recognition & appreciation of Armani and Chayla!





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